Commercial Cool Room

If you are looking for commercial cold rooms for sale in Melbourne, look no further. Our team at Maxcool have exactly what you are looking for.

Custom Cool Room Design

While commercial coolrooms generally come in a few standard configurations, such as portable, self-contained, or built-in, our Maxcool custom cold rooms allow you to design something right for you.

When you are designing your custom cool room, there are a few key components to include:

  • The Structure: Your commercial cold room will need insulated walls, ceiling, and floor. There are a variety of different panel types that can be used to create the ideal environment, and it is important to consider these carefully as they will play a large role in maintaining a consistent environment.
  • The Entrance(s): Because keeping a steady temperature is most important, you will want to make sure the entrances to your commercial cool room are designed for maximum efficiency.
  • Refrigeration: Your cooling source may be a component within the cool room itself or it may be external and built into your commercial building space. Our Maxcool design professionals can help you determine which is best for you.
  • Environmental Controls: In addition to a refrigeration source, your custom cold rooms should be designed to control other factors, like humidity.

Other Features

Other features to consider in your custom commercial cold room might include:
  • Reinforced flooring to support large commercial-grade storage and frequent foot traffic
  • Curtains or other accessories to further insulate your cold room’s interior
  • Storage options and layout
  • If relocating and/or expanding your business, you must consider location
  • If your business is engaging in “change of use”, you will need to apply for a permit, which includes a layout and address where the cool room will be placed
  • Size of desired cool room
  • How you will configure the interior of your new cool room
  • And more!

Good Investment

When you invest in a commercial cool room with Maxcool, you know you are making a good investment. Our products are:
  • Constructed of the highest quality craftsmanship with the best materials
  • Designed to fit your business needs, meaning they will continue to serve you exactly as you intended over a long period of time
  • Carefully installed by our expert commercial cold room installation team
Ready to design your Maxcool commercial cool room? Contact our representatives to set an initial consultation with our design professionals. They will help you visualize the solution you are needing and will guide you in creating your initial plans. Next, they will help translate those plans into reality and order your custom cool room. Our products are locally manufactured and you can count on on-time delivery, so you can focus on what your business does best.
Our business is conveniently located in the suburbs of the southeastern metropolitan area. So if you are looking for commercial cool room installation in Melbourne, Maxcool is a team you can trust. Contact us today to get started.
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