Undercounter Commercial Fridge

When you are dealing with high volumes of traffic, the last thing you need is to be stumbling around during prep. Gastronorm counters solve this problem efficiently.
A Gastronorm counter allows you to keep what you need close at hand in an undercounter commercial freezer or an under counter refrigerator. Our stainless steel counters come in so many different configurations, it might be hard to focus on just one!

Undercounter Commercial Freezers

When selecting a gastronorm counter, it is important to have a plan or a general understanding of what you will be using your commercial counter fridge for. Businesses can select from gastronorm counters with under counter freezers or with under counter refrigerators. We offer models with cupboard style doors and with cooling drawers, and clients can select how many cupboards or doors are desired, as well as the layout and configuration, from a wide variety of options.
While there are a number of different models for Maxcool clients to choose from, there are some features consistent across multiple models that clients should note. Some examples of great features to look for include:

Automatic Defrost

No busy business wants to deal with the repercussions of a major frost buildup in their freezer or cooler cooling mechanism. However, that is very much a risk businesses take with standard freezing and cooling units. Over time, frost will accumulate and your undercounter freezer will be increasingly less efficient and less reliable, costing you both time and money. However, with a prefabricated undercounter freezer from Maxcool, you can select a unit with automatic defrost. Units with this feature will automatically heat the cooling unit periodically so that no frost forms, keeping your commercial counter freezer working perfectly for years to come.

Ventilated Cooling

When talking about under counter fridges or undercounter freezers, there are three types of cooling you might encounter: direct, fan-assisted, and ventilated cooling. However, when it comes to professional-grade, commercial undercounter freezers or fridges, you want to see ventilated cooling. Studies have shown that this is the best approach to consistent temperatures and long unit lifespans.

Adjustable Legs

We want to make even our prefabricated gastronorm counters fit exactly to your space!

Removable Table Tops

Maximize your prep space by having convertible spaces on your commercial gastronorm counter.

Digital Displays

We offer a range of gastronorm counters with the highest quality in digital displays so that all of the information you need is crystal clear.

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