Custom Upright Freezer

While commercial upright freezers may seem pretty standard, there is actually a lot of consideration that goes into selecting the correct model for your business. Despite the impressive assortment of prefabricated upright freezers offered at Maxcool, you may find that you would prefer the flexibility of our custom-designed upright freezers instead. Let us help you create the perfect solution!

Why Design a Custom Upright Freezer?

With so many options out there, why should you take the time to design a custom cooler solution? Precision. When you design your custom upright freezer at Maxcool, we can help you consider:

Your Space

When it comes to designing a commercial upright freezer in Melbourne, we know that space is a complicated thing. You want the ideal combination of enough volume for your products but not so large that you risk inefficiencies. We can find the ideal volume for you and customize that into your space by going up or out in our designs!

But beyond the basic considerations of product volume, you will also want to consider how much aisle room you are likely to need. For tighter spaces, clients might consider a double door upright freezer. With two door panels opening outwards from the centre, the door clearance space needed is substantially less. However, door storage space is also less in these models. On the other hand, if space isn’t an issue, our single door upright freezers might offer more appealing storage options than a double door upright chiller could.

Your Workflow

You may not have considered how the flow of movement around your custom upright freezer is important, but we have. Depending on the layout of your space, you might find left opening doors better than right opening doors, or vice versa.

Your Storage Needs

Would you prefer to arrange your product or materials on shelves? Or perhaps you would find better organisation in a drawer configuration. Would you like a single drawer on a single level or would multiple smaller drawers next to each other be preferable? Our design team can help you better understand your needs and preferences.

And Much More!

From aesthetics to match your brand to features like digital displays, a custom upright freezer at Maxcool will have everything you need.

Our Product Range

Ready to get designing? Contact our Maxcool custom sales team for an initial consult and storeroom visit. We will help you get your ideas on paper and your designs into life!
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