Commercial Stainless Steel Shelving

When your business requires plentiful storage, you want to make sure that storage is up to even the heaviest of tasks. Maxcool offers a wide range of commercial stainless steel shelving to meet even the biggest of storage requirements.

Who Uses Commercial Stainless Steel Shelving?

Our stainless steel shelving systems are enhancing businesses across Melbourne in a variety of ways. You will find commercial stainless steel shelving in businesses such as:
Food services
Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies
Auto technician shops and other mechanic shops
Schools and Universities
And many more places!

High-Quality Build

Commercial stainless steel shelves might be found in warehouses, storage units, garages, and even in product showrooms!
Our high-quality stainless steel design is built to stand up to extreme elements, so you can also find our commercial shelving systems in commercial cool rooms or freezers.

What Kind of Shelving Do I Need?

Commercial stainless steel shelving can come in a variety of styles. You may be interested in shelving with a solid stainless steel shelf at each level. This style is sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest loads and might be best when storing items small enough to fit through cracks. Alternatively, you might prefer shelving with a slated or wire-style shelf. These types of shelving can be ideal for drainage, circulation, or when you need a shelving system for ware washing.
You may also select from commercial stainless steel shelving systems with a solid base at floor level or those on legs. Legs are adjustable to reach your preferred height, and all shelving can be customized to provide shelves at your desired intervals.
Our stainless steel commercial shelving solutions are highly durable. Crafted with top-quality stainless steel and manufactured with the best craftsmanship, you can rest assured that your new shelving system will last. Our units are easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to clean, and a breeze to maintain.

Our Product Range

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