Custom Cool Rooms

When your commercial cooling requirements are grander than what a standard freezer or chiller can manage, you may want to consider a commercial cool room.

What is a Cool Room?

A cool room is exactly as the name implies: a room or closet that is kept at a certain temperature below normal room temperatures and is designed to store large volumes of chilled or cooled items.
A cool room differs from a commercial freezer in a variety of ways. To begin with, a commercial coolroom is a built-in storage solution rather than an appliance. While our Maxcool custom cold rooms are often designed with the ability to disassemble and reassemble them elsewhere, commercial cold rooms are genuinely thought of as stationary. Your team members can actually walk right inside this type of cold storage, which isn’t possible with even a commercial-grade freezer.

Who Might Need a Commercial Cool Room?

While businesses in the food services are obvious candidates for a custom cold room, you might be surprised how many other industries benefit from a custom-designed cool room, for example:
Hospitality, such as restaurants and bars
Liquor shops
Grocery stores and supermarkets
Medical facilities

Why Maxcool?

As you begin your search for commercial cool rooms for sale in the Melbourne area, there are many things that stand out about our products at Maxcool.


We know that when you invest in your business, it needs to be just right. At Maxcool, our design professionals will guide you step-by-step through the process to create your perfect cold room solution, from initial consultation to expert, on-time delivery and cool room installation.


If you would benefit from the ease of a one-stop conveniently located solution, Maxcool has you covered. We can support you in every step of the design and ordering process. Then, we can help you with any additional equipment needs you might want to use to enhance your commercial cool room. What’s more, with our location right here in the suburbs of southeastern Melbourne, we can supply your commercial cold room requests throughout the entire metropolitan area.


Our custom cool room manufacturers use only the very best of materials and you can count on sturdy construction that will serve your business for many years to come.

Ready to design your ideal commercial cool room solution? Our expert team at Maxcool are standing by to assist you!
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